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    Battalion 2 Radio Communications and Repeaters


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    Battalion 2 Radio Communications and Repeaters

    Post by Cabrillo-1 on Tue Mar 22, 2016 1:10 pm

    Battalion 2 stretches from South Pasadena to the northeast, Alhambra to the east, China Town to the south and west, and Glendale to the north. 
    We have hillly areas in Mount Washington, Eagle Rock, Monterey Hills, Rose Hills, and Montecito Heights. We also have low lying areas such as Highland Park, El Sereno, Atwater Village and Glassell Park.

    FRS is good for short range (a few blocks) tactical communications in the low lying areas and longer range from a higher elevation to a lower elevation but are not good for Battalion-wide communications or even larger communities.

    The Montecito Heights and Monterey Hills communities have set up GMRS repeaters for area-wide communications.  These repeaters have been tested out as far as Burbank to the north, Glendora to the east, and the 10 freeway to the south.

    The community repeaters are paid for and set up by their local communities with the primary users being the local community and surrounding communities as backup allowed as secondary users if their community repeater is down.  This allows each community to be able to communicate outside the range and limitations of FRS during a disaster.
    We are looking to have other communities in hilly areas set up repeaters for their own communities.

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