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    Welcome to the Discussion Forums


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    Battalion Coordinator

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    Welcome to the Discussion Forums

    Post by Cabrillo-1 on Mon Jan 25, 2016 10:17 pm

    Welcome everyone to the new LAFD CERT Discussion forums.  

    The forums have been retired in favor of Facebook.  We know that not everyone is on Facebook, or want to be on Facebook, so we've set these forums up to aid community discussion.

    These forums are moderated:  Be respectful, disrespect will not be tollerated here.  

    CERT welcomes everyone.
    Please check your ego at the door.  

    We're all here to help prepare ourselves, our families, our neighbors, and our comunities for a disaster.

    We've set up boards for major neighborhoods in Battalion 2 and can do so for the other Battalions once we find out what they are.
    If you feel that your neighborhood is missing, please private message me.

    If you have any suggestions for new boards or have any issues, please private message me.

    My name is Patrick Botz-Forbes, I am one of the two Battalion 2 Coordinators along with Tom Wirth.  I am also the Monterey Hills Neighborhood Leader.
    Our focus in Battalion 2 is to strengthen the Neighborhood teams.  As Battalion Coordinators, Tom and I are here to provide resources, advice, and help facilitate communication and support to set up and grow the teams.

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    Patrick Botz-Forbes
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    Neighborhood Team Leader

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    Re: Welcome to the Discussion Forums

    Post by MH-2 on Mon Jan 25, 2016 10:57 pm

    Thanks for making the forum! Twisted Evil


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    Re: Welcome to the Discussion Forums

    Post by Darlingangel4ever2000 on Sun Feb 14, 2016 11:39 pm

    Thanks for creating a place for us to discuss our topics or questions if for any reason we don't go to a meeting its nice to be updated Smile

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    Re: Welcome to the Discussion Forums

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